Violence is never an option

Thank you Terry for an excellent letter filled with truth about the shooting in Colorado!

Shooting in Colorado (violence is never an option)

In the effort to protect the unborn and stand in opposition to the practice of abortion, the use of violence has never and will never be acceptable. In fact, any act of violence against Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers stands in direct contrast to the peaceful and prayerful intentions of individuals and organizations that strive to defend the unborn, assist women in need, promote adoption and the encourage respect for human life.

It is extremely disappointing and disheartening that certain celebrities, politicians, and members of the media are using the actions of a deranged individual to discredit and vilify those who stand for the sanctity and dignity of life. In doing so they actually show their ignorance to the true purpose of those who stand in opposition to abortion and in support of life. Much like the civil rights movement to end the practice of segregation lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in which violence was never an option, the struggle to protect the unborn will never to be decided by bullets and bloodshed. It is ultimately a struggle to change the heart, the mind and yes even the soul of America. This is a challenge in which the only weapons with any real power are those of compassion, mercy, prayer, but most of all love.

I am the parent of two adopted daughters from China.