Life is a Gift! Life is Precious!

January 22nd marks the 42nd anniversary of the landmark decision of
Roe vs Wade. One of abortion proponent's arguments for abortion and
the support of Planned Parenthood is that the physical well being of
the mother is their number one priority. Consequently, any individual
or religious organization that questions abortion at any stage or
Planned Parenthood does not care about women's health or their access
to basic medical care. There is a refusal to even discuss anything to
the contrary.

However, if we are to have an honest discussion on the subject of
abortion and supporting Planned Parenthood it important to understand
the circumstances surrounding most abortions. Sadly, the overwhelming
majority of abortions are not performed because of an immediate danger
the baby might present to the mother during pregnancy, but simply
that the child is unwanted. To illustrate this point, Planned
Parenthood president Cecile Richards recently spoke of her own
abortion experience sharing that she already had three children and
that was as big as her family needed to be.

All this begs the question, how as a society did we ever get to the
point that the value of a human life is to be dictated by a matter of
convenience? If the life of an unborn child can be taken just because
it is undesired or it is seen as an inconvenience, then who is to say
that other lives shouldn't be ended if they are viewed as inconvenient
or burdensome? What of the disabled and the elderly? Should their
lives be ended if perhaps the challenge of providing care for them
diverts us from the goals and plans we have mapped out for our lives?

When my wife and I adopted our second daughter from China we soon
realized our lives would never be the same. Upon returning home to
the U.S., she was diagnosed with the genetic disorder Tuberous
Sclerosis. The last five and a half years have been a series of
doctor's visits, MRI's, therapy sessions and Individual Education
Plan meetings. Our lives have been anything but convenient, but my
wife and I realize that had it not been for the care she has received
as a result of being adopted, she might not be alive today.

Life is a gift. Life is precious. Life is nothing short of a
miracle. It is my hope and prayer that with each passing day more of
us would come to the realization that all human life has immeasurable
value far beyond anything we possibly could have ever imagined. This
applies not just to our own lives, but also the lives of the
disabled, the elderly, and certainly the unborn child.