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Nation needs a change of heart

Thank you Terry for your diligence to stand for life. Here is his article published in the Tampa Bay Times this past Sunday!

While many readers of the Times were pleased by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down the Texas law involving facilities conducting abortions, countless others like myself received the news with a profound sadness. It is not that I was overly surprised by the decision, but rather by the joy displayed by those who seemed to celebrate the propagation of a procedure in which an innocent life is ended.

Life is a Gift! Life is Precious!

January 22nd marks the 42nd anniversary of the landmark decision of
Roe vs Wade. One of abortion proponent's arguments for abortion and
the support of Planned Parenthood is that the physical well being of
the mother is their number one priority. Consequently, any individual
or religious organization that questions abortion at any stage or
Planned Parenthood does not care about women's health or their access
to basic medical care. There is a refusal to even discuss anything to
the contrary.

Letter to the Editor

Thank you Terry, our ministry friend, for using your gift of writing to reach out to the public with these excellent points!

This letter was sent to the three major Tampa Bay area newspapers!

Letter to the editor:

When Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards testified before congress she defiantly asserted that the organization she heads had broken no laws in the area of the collection of fetal tissue. Technically, she may have been partially correct.

Planned Parenthood Expose Videos

With all that is happening in the Pro-Life movement because of the Planned Parenthood Expose videos we wanted to be sure you have a link that allows you to see them all! These tragic yet powerful videos have made an impact on the public increasing the number of people who are professing to be pro-life. They have also made headlines in the news, caused presidential candidates to debate the Life issue and created quite a reaction in our government! What have they done in your heart? How are you re-acting? Watch them now and see how it changes your life….

God Redeem in a World that Promotes Hurt

Tuesday morning brings gloomy, stormy weather here. My husband said he was going to
fight the war and stand for Life at the local abortion mill. He said his hearts prayer was to
share the of love Christ to hurting people in a world that promotes hurt...
A world that promotes hurt...
...reminds of the video Planned Parenthood recently released in response to the NINE
(maybe more to come) exposé videos about how Planned Parenthood sells baby parts....
Still trying to comprehend this - Planned Parenthood Sells. Baby. Parts!!!??! During her

Pray for the lives do the unborn, so they will live!


In a recent meeting, we had the pleasure of having Rev. Jim McGarvey come and speak to us.

The message that he shared with us was really an eye-opener. Basically the message encouraged us to wake up and fight for life.

The topic focused on Spiritual Warfare and the Battle for Life.

Satan is on a mission to steal the gift of life from us.

Our job is to make people aware of this and take back what the enemy is trying to steal from us.

So let's pray for the lives of the unborn, so that they will live!!

Freeze Mob

Our last outreach event went very well! We had a chance to attend Geckofest 2014 and spread the message of life on behalf of the unborn children sitting their arrival into the world. We did this outreach in such a creative way! We did a freeze mob routine, which brought some attention to us! That's right-several onlookers witnessed us share the message of life while we gathered in the central location and froze for three solid minutes with pink balloons in our hands. We also distributed many of the Ray Comfort 180 Movie cards! The outing was great!!

Alliance Meeting Recap and Happenings

Thank you to all those at our May meeting who helped prepare our Thank You for choosing Life bags and Alliance Scripture Prayer books!

A thank you for choosing life bag will be given to sidewalk counselors for women at the abortion mill who decide to choose life. Several were made, prayed over and given to sidewalk counselors for the next women who chooses life! Please be praying with us that these bags make a powerful impact!

Tampa Bay Celebration of Life Rally Review

Wow! Another year has quickly come and gone for one of our favorite events - Tampa Bay Celebration of Life Rally! This year, the second annual rally, was an amazing weekend of beautiful worship, remarkable speakers, encouraging workshops and powerful testimonies of truth for LIFE!!

One of the many exciting things to note about this years event was that our Friday night session made it into the Tampa Bay Tribune metro section - FRONT PAGE! Here is the link below to read the story.

Tampa Bay Youth - You are Invited!

Don't miss this exciting FREE event coming up Fri Feb 7th and Sat 8th.
The 2nd annual Tampa Bay Celebration for Life Rally will be filled with education, excitement and fun!
This years rally has the motto - Learn It! Love It! Live It! This event will equip Tampa Bay youth with the knowledge, passion and focus to stand up for Life! Join us as we Celebrate Life in Tampa Bay!

A letter that can save lives!

This important information was taken from the website listed at the end of this blog post.

The Center Against Forced Abortions, a project of the Justice Foundation, is promoting public awareness of laws against forced abortion in a series of letters explaining a pregnant woman's parental rights.

"As a mother, she has the fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of her child. That right is hers - not anyone else's," the letter states. "Any third party (including a relative) who causes the baby to be killed may be guilty of fetal homicide."

New Life Solutions Benefit Dinner & Auction 2013

The New Life Solutions Benefit Dinner & Auction was absolutely amazing this year! From the decoration to the food to the video testimonies to the speakers!! About 900 guests filled the St. Petersburg Coliseum to attend this event and show support for this wonderful ministry that has several different outreaches. They have More 2 Life- teen prevention program, speaking to thousands of teenagers about abstinence and making healthy choices. The Pregnancy Center- helping women in crisis pregnancies, right on the front lines of the abortion battle!